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Choosing the right countertop

When you redo your kitchen, the first thing people think of is what their cabinets are going to look like. Often what you use the most, your kitchen counters, are an after-thought. And when it comes time to decide what you want for your countertops, there are hundreds of different styles with countless price points.

So what are the difference between all of them?

At Nelson-Young Lumber, we work with several manufactures of many different surfaces. Below is a breakdown of the different surfaces we work with and what to look for before you buy.


  • Made locally by Counter-Form in Marshfield, WI​ (Preferred vendor)

  • Quick turnaround​ for product (1-2 weeks for standard, 2-3 weeks for custom options)

  • 1-2 weeks for standard​

  • Wide variety available from several manufacturers

  • Range of prices (often on the lower end of the spectrum)

  • Different styles/edge profiles available

  • Sink options available


  • Made by Trillium Solid Surface

  • Very strong and durable, seamless and non-porous

  • Can be made in larger sizes

  • Low maintenance

  • Sustainable material used in manufacturing

  • Most manufacturers offer transferable warranty

Solid Surface

  • Made by Trillium Solid Surface

  • Durability similar to natural stone​​

  • Seamless and non-porous

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be heated and bent

  • Renewable and sustainable

  • Cheaper than quartz & granite

  • Most manufacturers offer transferable warranties


  • Made by Trillium Solid Surface

  • Higher quality than laminate

  • Beautiful material but more expensive

  • Artisan stone available

  • Some maintenance required

  • Porous material​ that can stain if not properly sealed

If you have more questions or would like samples, please stop in or email us at


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