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Before the First Meeting

  • What are the rules for where you want to build?

    • Many city lots have restrictions​

    • Rural lots tend to have fewer restrictions

    • Our designers will need land survey plans (CSM)

  • It helps to have ideas of what ​you want in your home - Our designers need something to start with

    • Floor plan ideas (We have design books available for inspiration)​

    • Visual ideas help too

    • The layout is the most important at this point

    • Something to note: Add 15% to square footage to plans found online as online plans tend to run small

  • At the first meeting your designer will request a plan deposit based on the size of your project (See PDFs below for more information)

  • Consider which contractor you would like to work with. If you need suggestions, we can help.


First Meeting – Phase 1 

  • Designers will work to get initial layout 

  • Will go over specifics - what do you as the homeowner want in your house

    • Two vs. three car garage​

    • Walk in closet

    • Bathtub in master bath or not

    • Floor finishes and many other options

  • Will take about two weeks after first meeting for designers to get initial drawing/floor plan to customer 


Phase 2 

  • Designers will draw up elevations, foundation plan 

  • Floor plans are finalized 

  • Rough set of drawings produced 


Phase 3 

  • Bid set is finalized – not for construction 

  • This phase will be for finalizing plans for construction 

  • Will take 1-2 weeks for designers to finish 

  • Builder contracts are signed based on bid set 

  • Final drawing fees are collected at this point 

At Nelson-Young Lumber, we can help you design your new dream house. From small additions, to kitchen redos, all the way to full-scale homes, we have three designers on staff to help you. Below is an overview of the design process timeline at Nelson-Young Lumber:

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 10.40.49 AM.png

NYL Drafting

Services Terms

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.37.14

NYL Addition Drafting Services Terms

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 8.29.20 AM.png

NYL Stock Plans Pricing

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