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Milwaukee Tool at Nelson-Young: Why?

We’re a lumberyard. At our core, we sell lumber. Over time, we’ve sold more and more in terms of the variety of building products you can buy. This includes manufactured products such as windows, doors, siding, shingles, and much more.

As of last year, we took another leap in expanding what we sell: power tools. Specifically, we are now selling a wide variety of Milwaukee Tool products.


Over the years, we’ve tried to stock miscellaneous tools/hardware that are useful to our customers. These include drill bits, hammers, tape measures and other small items like this. Not a huge money-maker, but we wanted to give our builders and customers the convenience of grabbing some of these small items before heading back to the job site.

Fast forward to the spring of 2018, and we were facing a dilemma: Our sales representative who did most of our hardware purchasing was running into problems finding suppliers who carried many of these tools and miscellaneous products. It was becoming quite the hassle.

At Nelson-Young Lumber, we partner with Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation, or LMC. They help building materials suppliers with the purchasing of products, leveraging their space in the market. LMC is a partner with Milwaukee Tool. After learning this at a LMC conference, we reached out to and got a meeting with a Milwaukee Tool representative. Fast forward to the summer of 2018 and all of our offices are now equipped with Milwaukee Tool products and accessories.

Our goal hasn’t changed with the addition of Milwaukee Tool products. We’re still looking to give our customers that same convenience of being able to grab some of these products before heading back to the job site. The addition of power tools wasn’t a money-making move, it’s just another lineup of products that we can offer our builders that they won’t have to go elsewhere for.

Most of you know how competitive the power tool market is. So you’re probably wondering where we stand compared to other Milwaukee Tool suppliers like Home Depot and Farm & Fleet. And we’re happy to say that our tools are priced exactly the same as in those big box stores. And if they’re not, please let us know!

Milwaukee Tool display in Edgerton

As for what we carry in our offices: Our Edgerton office has the widest in-store selection with about 16 different power tools in addition to hundreds of smaller products from saw blades, to drill bits, to hammers. Our Evansville office has about 12 different power tools along with all of the same smaller products. And our Deerfield office has the same variety of smaller products.

But the beauty of Milwaukee Tool is that we can get any product they offer within two weeks if we don’t carry it.

So whether you need a 3/16” drill bit or a table saw, we can help you at Nelson-Young Lumber.

It’s for your convenience.


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