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The Next Steps

It was 1988; Tracy (Nelson) Tronnes was in her seventh year of public accounting when she felt the pull of the family business and came on board at Nelson-Young Lumber. But now it’s another pull for Tracy in her 31st year at NYL: grandchildren and life outside of work.

It’s not the “R” word you might be thinking of but it’s a big change, nonetheless. Tracy will hire her replacement for day-to-day financial operations and work to reduce her schedule to about 30 hours a week. Tracy says the change comes with mixed emotions but also comes with a lot of opportunity.

“This is an exciting time for me, and honestly, a bit nerve wracking,” Tracy said.

Tracy’s dad, Dave Nelson, had grown Nelson-Young Lumber Company from just a handful of employees and struggling to get a loan, to a profitable business with a growing base of dedicated staff. With the growth came the need for financial organization and planning, which brought Tracy on board in 1988.

Tracy and her brother, John Nelson, have worked together to keep growing Nelson-Young. Dave has remained involved and Tracy’s son, Matt, has also had a hand in the continued growth. The company now has over 50 employees at three retail locations and a truss manufacturing plant (Nelson Truss) in Edgerton.

As the company continued to grow and evolve, Tracy’s workload continued to increase. And recently, the thought of “what’s next?” became a more and more frequent thought.

Tracy’s journey towards reducing her schedule started over a year ago when she decided to outsource Nelson-Young and Nelson Truss human resources. After handing off the majority of HR operations, it’s now time for her to turn over the day-to-day financial side of things as well.

Not only does the change give Tracy the chance to work less hours and spend more time with family, but it also allows her to help in the transition for her replacement and focus on bigger picture items for Nelson Young and Nelson Truss.

“I think we have two great companies with much future potential, Tracy said. “And I plan to help as we take the next steps.”


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